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Unadulterated Greeting.

2012-03-11 03:11:42 by DeadlyMace


Now it has more ambiance.

2012-02-08 09:20:33 by DeadlyMace

Love the new design. Much Respect for the people that made this.
-That's all.

You know what I think...

2012-01-09 08:39:16 by DeadlyMace

That even if we are different people, we all came out in the same p***y.

- just saying.

Why won't you cum?

2010-08-30 08:08:45 by DeadlyMace


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Street fighter x Tekken!

2010-08-21 01:13:51 by DeadlyMace

I was kinda surprised of this game collab thing that came out from yahoo.
And i must say, It's very legit and the graphics are superb. Although I like the Tekken Battle system more, but this is as good. So yeah, that's all i wanted to say.

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2010-08-08 19:02:27 by DeadlyMace

I have a need for weed.


2010-06-17 23:59:52 by DeadlyMace

No surprise there :D

Higher than high.

2010-05-08 23:46:48 by DeadlyMace


Pico Day.

2010-04-30 03:53:55 by DeadlyMace

Hands Down.

Cannabis Culture

2010-04-20 09:56:14 by DeadlyMace

Happy 4/20. Green love :3

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